So anyway, I'm Brad Newman. But it would be weird if you didn't already know that...

What I do...

I'm a commercial artist that creates themed environments in hospitals, libraries, museums and schools for a very cool company in Asheville, North Carolina.

When people ask me what I do, I often find myself at a loss for words... mostly because I wear so many strange hats in this line of work. I'm a part of layout planning, concept drawing, digital rendering, construction and fabrication, fine detail and finish work, and of course, the install... I've become an embedded part of almost every step in the project's creation.

When I'm not crafting physical artwork for an exhibit, I sometimes help create concept drawings and digital images for putting people's ideas to paper. There's an "idea juggling" that happens at the beginning of a job that usually entails re-rendering concepts over and over until a client loves what they see. When they do, I jump into the next phase.

Concepts .

I sculpt large store displays and library entry ways in foam that is later coated with a hard shell. After essentially doing auto-body work to prep the surface, I apply a mix of different painting styles to the sculpt to bring it to life.

I sculpt small animals and other objects of interest in clay to make molds and cast them. I create area accurate environments and landscapes, including the native trees to house my birds and waterscapes for the fish that I craft and paint.


Where necessary, I apply a mix of different painting styles to an artwork or prop. I really specialize in airbrush work, but creating lifelike animals entails very fine brush work. And depending on the nature of the finished piece, I'll often age it, black wash it, speckle it, faux it, texture it or wood grain it to create the right effect.

It all becomes tied together when I travel to the job location with an install team and we fix it all into place. Working with experts makes this happen smoothly, but the universe always throws a surprise variable or two into your path. It's these little twists that make every install interesting. It pays to be flexible and adaptive. And these installs always conclude with happy and excited clients.

About Us...

This should really be an "about us" page, because when I'm not creating hospital, library and museum exhibits at work, I'm almost certainly within five feet of my Stephanie. Frankly, spending time with her is just about all I like to do.

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Stephanie is a talented graphic designer. You've passed her work on the highways and, perhaps, on the water ways. Her graphics are on the sides of popular RVs and water crafts from the most recognizable brands.

Together, we lead a life of intrigue.... eating Cracker Barrel, taking naps, watching Game of Thrones and being pestered by our cat usually tops our list! Our big plans usually involve camping and finding the next great hike...

I'm also a nerd. I love collecting toys (mostly GI Joe and Robocop) and I can probably name the movie you're trying to think of...

Anyway, if you've read this far you're practically a stalker... Look, I don't want any problems...

But if you're interested in having me bring your ideas or your project to life, shoot me an email and we'll see if we can make it happen! I'm super friendly and I'm eager to create cool stuff.

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